Amended May, 2015
Amended July, 2010


  1. The Sixth Division of the PNR of the NMRA is organized under the provisions and by-laws of the NMRA.
  2. The purposes of the Division are:
    1. to enhance contact between members of the NMRA.
    2. to encourage local gatherings, to exchange information and ideas, and promote fellowship among model railroaders.
    3. to encourage the gathering of historic data and promote education in railroad history and function.


  1. Any member of the NMRA residing within the boundary of the Division shall be a member of the Division.
  2. Conditions of membership
    1. All members shall receive the publication of the Division "HIGHBALL!".
    2. Rights and privileges of the members shall correspond with those of the NMRA and PNR.
    3. No member shall derive financial benefit from Membership; except for the reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the Division and approved by the board.


  1. The elected officers of the Division are the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.
  2. The Superintendent shall appoint officers to perform the functions of Secretary, A.P. chairman, A.P. vice- chairman, "HIGHBALL!" editor, convention coordinator, and any other position as deemed necessary at the annual meeting. All of the above officers shall be appointed to a two year term to begin September 1 of odd numbered years.
  3. The Superintendent shall also appoint a second member of the PNR resident near the Superintendent to be the second signing authority on all Division cheques, whose term will coincide with that of the Superintendent.
  4. The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent shall be elected for the term of two years to begin September 1 and end August 31 of even numbered years.
  5. Duties of the officers
    1. Superintendent.
      To represent the Division at the Meetings of the PNR Board of Directors of which the Superintendent is a member. To perform any other functions as the Chief Officer of the Division.
    2. Other board members.
      To perform the traditional duties of their respective office.
  6. Vacancies
    1. Vacancies in any office other than Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent shall be filled by appointment of the Superintendent, with the term ending the next August 31 of odd numbered years.
    2. If the vacancy is the Assistant Superintendent, the Superintendent shall fill the position by appointment to be ratified at the next annual meeting of the Division.
    3. If the vacancy is the Superintendent, the position will be assumed by the Assistant Superintendent until an election can be held.
    4. If both the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent positions become vacant, the board shall request the President of PNR to appoint a temporary Superintendent to hold office until an election can be held.


  1. An annual convention of the Division will be held not in conflict with dates set by the NMRA or PNR for their convention.
    1. The board will award sponsorship of conventions at least two years prior to the event based on recommendations of the Convention Coordinator.
    2. The board may suspend or reschedule the annual convention at the recommendation of the convention coordinator and the Superintendent.
    3. Convention profits are to be divided equally between the Division and the Host.
    4. The Division shall provide an interest free loan to the Host committee of a maximum of $500.00 to act as seed money and this loan shall be repaid in full by the Host as soon as possible after the convention. The Division will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Host.
    5. The board shall have access to the books and records of the Host committee if requested.
    6. The Host committee shall report to the convention coordinator prior to the event on a timely basis to insure that any problems are being dealt with and that items are in order.
  2. Meetings
    1. The annual meeting of the Division shall be held at the annual convention.
    2. The quorum for the annual meeting shall be 10 members or 25% of the Division membership, whichever is fewer.
    3. Board meetings will be held at the call of the Superintendent and at least ten days notice will be required. If a meeting is requested by the members, then it must be received by the Superintendent and contain at least 15 signatures of which no more than 5 can reside in the same location. All meetings shall be open to the members.


  1. Qualifications for voting shall be natural persons holding valid membership. Each member is entitled to one vote for each office.
  2. Nomination for the offices of Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent shall be by the nominating committee of at least 3 people or by nomination by a minimum of 3 members. A letter of acceptance of the nomination from the individual shall be sent with the nomination or received within 5 days by the nominating committee chairman.
  3. The nominating committee shall provide the editor of "Highball!" the request for nominations in the third issue prior to the annual convention, the results of the request for nominations in the second issue prior to the annual convention and a ballot to be inserted in the issue immediately prior to the annual meeting.
  4. The ballot committee of at least 2 people shall report to the annual meeting the results of the election.
  5. Any candidate for office may not serve on the nominating or ballot committee.
  6. The chairman of the ballot committee in the event of a tie vote shall at the annual meeting hold a coin toss with the candidates to determine a winner. The decision of the chairman will be binding on the parties involved.


The official publication of the Division will be "Highball!" and it will be published a minimum of four times a year. The editor of "Highball!" shall be appointed for a two year term by the Superintendent to expire in odd years.


The Division at the request of the members may be further divided with approval at the annual meeting. The board will set the boundaries and make modifications to these boundaries as required. If subdivisions are made, then they will elect a Roadmaster who will be a member of the board of the Division and come under the by-laws of the Division. If the subdivision does not elect a Roadmaster, the Division Superintendent shall appoint an individual to this office.

Head of the subdivision to be called the Roadmaster to prevent confusion with The Superintendent. Creation of a subdivision requires signatures of 15 members living within the proposed boundaries of the subdivision for request to be considered. The signatures must represent greater than 50% of the members residing within the proposed subdivision, i.e. 15 members from Edmonton could not request a subdivision including Red Deer without signatures from Red Deer as well.


The by-laws will take effect upon passage. Amendments to the by-laws shall be presented to the Superintendent so that they may be included in the issue of "HIGHBALL!" that precedes the annual meeting and be voted upon at the annual meeting. These amendments shall take effect after passage.

The by-laws may be withdrawn by the membership if two-thirds of the members voting in a special ballot support this action.


The Division shall transmit special project money to the source of these monies and the balance of its assets to the PNR or to the NMRA. If these organizations do not exist, then to a railroad historical or museum organization.


Because this Division is a division of the PNR and the NMRA, the by-laws of this organization if in conflict are overridden by the by-laws of these organizations.