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Upcoming Events of Interest for Division 1

Listed below are some of the Railroad/Model Railroad related events that are taking place around the Division. If you have an event that you would like to get listed, or you know of an event happening with in the Division, please send the event information to Division 1 Webmaster.



Aug 5-12, Kansas City, KS
NMRA 2018 National Convention "Kansas City 2018". Info: www.kc2018.org

Sep 7-9, Chehalis, WA
SP&S Historical Society Convention Info:- www.spshs.org

Sep 15-19, Bellingham, WA
Great Northern Historical Society Annual Convention Info:- www.gnrhs.org


July 7-13, Salt Lake City, UT
NMRA 2019 National Convention "Salt Lake City 2019". Info: www.nmra2019slc.org


April 20-24, Eugene, OR
First Division will host the PNR Annual Meeting at the Valley River Inn.  More information later.

July 12-20, St Louis, MO
NMRA 2020 National Convention "Gateway 2020". Info: gateway2020.org

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