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About the PNR

The NMRA is divided into 17 Regions which cover the United States, Australasia, Canada, and the British Isles now including Europe. There are other NMRA organizations in the rest of the world. The Regions which cover the United States and Canada are made up of, with one exception, two or more adjoining states/provinces or parts of states. The NMRA Regions elect officers, publish newsletters, and also hold one or more conventions each year.

The Pacific Northwest Region covers a vast geographic area stretching from Alaska, the Yukon and Northwest Territories in the north, down through the Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

The PNR is further divided up into 7 Divisions to better represent the membership. The Divisions also elect their own officers and may also produce local newsletters and hold conventions.

2024 NMRA National Convention

2025 PNR Regional Convention

"The Ainsworth Connector" Pasco, WA May 09-11

"The Ainsworth Connector"
Pasco, WA May 09-11, 2025

2025 NMRA National Convention

"Station No.VI" - hosted by the North Central Region of the NMRA
Novi, MI July 14-19, 2025

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