Make Tracks to Eugene

April 21-24, 2020


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The following clinics are scheduled to be presented at the 2020 PNR Convention in Eugene.  Check back later for specific schedule information.

Presenter                          Topic

Geoff Bunza                      Animation Projects for Model Railroaders
Geoff Bunza                      Hands-On DCC for Model Railroaders
Dave Clune, Tom Dill, Rick Kang     Model the Details of Prototype Train Operation

Bill Decker                         Modeling Eugene and Springfield on the SP Cascade Line
Joe Fugate                        Painting in a post Floquil world
Joe Fugate                        Make it run like a dream
Joe Fugate                        Siskiyou line #2 update
Jack Hamilton, MMR          Model railroad toolbox, part 1
Jack Hamilton, MMR          Model railroad toolbox, part 2
Jack Hamilton, MMR          Achievement program evaluation – The inside story
Jack Hamilton, MMR          So You Want to be an AP Evaluator?
Paul Hobbs                        Railroad work equipment
Paul Hobbs                        Kadee couplers - A treatise
Ron Hopkins, MMR            Enjoy Scratchbuilding
Richard Kürschner             Computer aided traffic generation
Richard Kürschner             Introduction to 3D printing
Dave Lange                       Three generations of railroad photography
Dave Lange                       The SP in Oregon: Eugene Yard
Jim Moomaw                      The Dispatcher’s Office:  What’s there and what it does
Jim Moomaw                      Prototype Signal Systems
Rich Pitter                          Use of stencils for building signage
Dean Seehawer                 Make and take laser kit (part 1)
Dean Seehawer                 Make and take laser kit (part 2)
Russ Segner                      DuPont narrow gauge
Cal Sexsmith                     Make Only New Mistakes – An Introduction to Layout Design
Cal Sexsmith                     Designing the Town of Meadow Lake on the Parkland Division
Brian Stokes                      Successfully implementing TT&TO at a club
Brian Stokes                     Getting real(istic) about car forwarding: Prototypical waybills
Al Turnbull                        Basic DC/DCC wiring
Al Turnbull                        Scenery: Back to basics
Roger Walker                    Making river valleys with turbulent water: Part 1
Roger Walker                    Making river valleys with turbulent water: Part 2
Paul West                         Model railroad safety



Jack Hamilton                   Pan pastels
Christopher Jones, Roger Rasmussen      Making trees
Ed Liesse                         Tune up your Kadee #5 couplers (and others)
Jim Moomaw                    JMRI ABS/CTC Panel demo
Ed Schaenzer, MMR        Coloring porous materials with pastel chalks
Al Turnbull                       Soldering track feeders
Ted Becker                       Arduino: Beyond 'Blink'

Interested in giving a clinic at this year's convention?  Email Jeroen Gerritsen - .

For the Make and Take Clinic, the class will be building an HO scale Motrak Kit, #83004 MOW Shed over a two day period. The cost of the class is $30 per person. The class size will be limited to 25 people. A recommended tool list will be available here soon. For additional information, contact Dean Seehawer - .