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Achievement Program Evaluation

Any member in need of Achievement Program Evaluation has several choices:

1 - Bring items to be evaluated to a Division 1 Mini Meet. Be sure to notify one of the team of evaluators of the items you wish to have evaluated, and the Achievement Certificate to which you wish to have those items apply. Have appropriate paper work prepared for scoring and signatures.

All forms are available at the NMRA Achievement Program web site http://www.nmra.org/education/achievement/apcat.html
2 - Bring the items to be evaluated to a Regional or National conference. Evaluation is a planned part of these conferences. Again, have the appropriate paperwork prepared when you enter the item.

3 - Members with non-portable items to be evaluated, such as track work on a home or club layout, will need an on-site team of two or three certified evaluators visit. Contact one of the Division 1 evaluators.


Division 1 Certified AP Evaluators

Glenn Edmison - gedmison@aol.com
Gene Neville - geneneville@earthlink.net
Ed Schaenzer - edschaenzer2@charter.net
Christopher Jones - lllandcij@aol.com
Rich Pitter - richpitter@aol.com
Jim Van Delden - genjvan@msn.com
Jeroen Garritsen - jingyee.jeroen@gmail.com
Jim Walburn - nothinspecific@aol.com

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